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Published February 1, 2016

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Adel City Council will hold a Public Hearing on February 20, 2017 at 5:30 P.M. at the City of Adel, City Hall, 112 North Parrish Ave., Adel, Georgia, for the purpose of hearing a request for a variance from the requirements set forth in the City of Adel's Zoning Ordinance dated September 5, 1989.

Application to be considered is as follows:

Application #A2017-01: The property is owned by Ray Goff, Goff 10 LLC located 911West Fourth St.; Adel, GA. The Variance request is to increase the height of the ground sign from a total of 20ft. to 45 ft.

Any opponent of this proposed variance who has made campaign contributions aggregating $250.00 or more to a local government official of the City of Adel within two years immediately preceding the filing of the application, is required to file a disclosure statement, at least five days prior to the hearing, with the Cook County Zoning Administrator, state the name and position of the local official to whom contributions were made, the amount, description and date of each campaign contribution.

In accordance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, any disabled person planning to attend the Public Hearing may contact the Zoning Administrator 24 hours in advance of the meeting at 229-896-2266 and indicate their time of arrival in order to have Staff Member to assist the person to the meeting room.

Case File for the application is No. A2017-01 and the public records concerning this request are available for public review and inspection during regular business hours at the office of the Cook County Zoning Administrator at the Cook County Commissioners Building, 1200 S. Hutchinson Ave.; Adel, GA.