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Published June 17, 2015

New hospital planned for Adel, Mayor Pro-Tem says

Courtesy The Adel News-Tribune

Discussions are underway about building a new local hospital, “to change the mission somewhat,” says Adel Mayor Pro-Tem Chandler Hill.

During a town hall meeting at Adel City Hall on Saturday, Hill said, “At the present time, the hospital is losing money every month, and under the present operating plan, it will continue to lose money.

“The owners have stated they will not continue to lose money. They will close it down, thus losing a $21.1 million impact on the local community.

“It would be detrimental to lose our primary health care facility, along with the Emergency Room. Just the thought of not having an emergency facility will put some citizens in jeopardy of dying.”

According to Hill, there are a total of 344 employees who work in the local medical field, and of those 334 employees, 225 live in Cook County. “The hospital provides $6 million worth of indigent care a year for our community,” Hill said.

According to Hill, the proposal is to build a 102,000-squarefoot new hospital, having a 10-bed acute care hospital clinical decision unit, a 12-bed inpatient geriatric psychiatric unit, an Emergency Center, an ambulatory surgery center, a 95-bed nursing home/skilled nursing facility, 25 private rooms, and 35 semiprivate rooms.

“The total cost of this would be $35 million,” Hill said. “The Hospital Authority has asked the community to step up and help fund $12.5 million (for) this project that can be either in cash or in-kind services of assets.”

The Mayor Pro-Tem added, “We feel without local help, this center will not be built, and we will lose our medical facility. This would be a terrible blow to our citizens and would be very detrimental to economic development efforts.”