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Welcome to the Utilities Department

Our Mission :

"The City of Adel Utilities Department is committed to providing quality services with a team of people dedicated to professional excellence and customer satisfaction."

The Utilities Department  services include Water & Sewer, Gas, and Electric Departments.

Water & Sewer Department :

Contact :
Superintendent - David Mainor
404 Poplar St.
Adel, Ga. 31620
Office-(229) 896 - 2780

The Water & Sewer Department provides services to over 2500 customers within the corporate limits of  the City of Adel.

The City of Adel has 2 professional staff certified water /or sewer operators meeting the requirements of the Georgia State Board of Examiners for Water and Wastewater. A ground water system receiving its water supply from the Upper Floridian Aquifer following peculation of the water through numerous layers of limestone and dolomite rock. The system has an annual average withdrawal limits of 3,300,000 Gallons per Day(GPD) and a monthly average withdrawal limit of 4,312,000 Gallons per Day. The System has three elevated storage tanks with a total storage of 800,000 gallons. The water distribution system has over 55 miles of mains, with pipe sizes up to 16 inches in diameter. The water is treated with chlorine for disinfectant to insure the bacteriological safety for human consumption. Also, The City adds phosphates to the water supply to inhibit supply line corrosion thus reducing "red water" problems. To efficiently operate the existing water system, the City has created a Geographical Information System (G.I.S.) for the water system within the City of Adel. For the maintenance staff, the (G.I.S.) is simply a set of Adel roads maps which shows the location of all water lines valves and fire hydrants with their respective sizes.

The City of Adel has won the following awards for outstanding operations of their water system.

1) Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association Award in 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1998.
2) 1995 Safe Drinking Water Act Excellence Awards in Region 4, which includes 8 southeastern states.
3) 1997 Safe Drinking Water Act Excellence Awards from Georgia Environmental Protection Division.
4) Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association Gold Award for 1999.
5) Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association for Outstanding Operation of a Water Distribution System for 2000.
6) Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association Award for the Best Tasting tap Water in District 7 for 2000 and 2001.

Sewer Collection System:

The existing City of Adel Sewer Collection System consists of approximately 40 miles of sanitary sewer lines, 750 manholes and 17 sewage pump stations. To efficiently operate the existing sewer collection system, the City has created a Geographical Information System (G.I.S) for the sewer system within the City of Adel. This (G.I.S.) System assists the maintenance staff in providing new services and identifying problem areas within the system.

Treatment Plant:


Superintendent - Tommy Rice

Treatment Plant Information: 2.5 MILLION GALLON PER DAY
4 acres of Aerated
30 acres Lagoon Holding Pond
280 acres of Spray Fields Bermuda Grass, which is Baled for Hay
280 acres is in the Forest Land.

Natural Gas and Locate Department:

Superintendent - Denny Roberts

(229) 896-3372

The City of Adel provides safe, reliable natural gas service to over 800 residential, 120 Commercial and 6 Industrial accounts. In order to ensure your safety, we conduct annual leak surveys as well as valve and regulator inspections. We are members of the Municipal Gas Authority of Gas Georgia (MGAG)the Georgia and American Public Associations and the One Call Utilities Protection, Center, Inc.

Call Before You Dig:

State law requires that any person digging anywhere in Georgia must notify all utility companies and give 72 hours prior notice to mark their underground facilities before you dig.
If you plan to do any digging, call *811

Take advantage of these great Natural Gas Appliance pay Rebates:
Natural Gas Water Heating.....................$200.00
Natural Gas Range.............................$75.00
Natural Gas Furnace..........................$100.00
Natural Gas Logs.............................$75.00
Infrared Space Heater........................$50.00/unit ($100 cap)

Electrical Department:

Superintendent - Rene’ Cowart
212 W. 3rd.Street
Adel, Ga. 31620
After hours-(229)896-4504

The City of Adel provides low cost electricity to all of its residents, businesses and industry.Our employees are all well trained in electric distribution.We maintain a safe work environment for our employees community.The Electric Department of Adel is committed to customer satisfaction and reliability in its power supply.The City of Adel is one of 49 Georgia communities that gets its whole sale energy from Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia MEAG Power (MEAG) has over $4 billion in assets and has1566 megawatts of capacity and is co-owner of Georgia's Integrated Transmission System (ITS). Adel is also member of Electric Cities of Georgia.This is an organization dedicated to excellence in providing electric service to our citizens.

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